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Titanium sheet is produced on the basis of titanium plate with further cold rolling; the production process of titanium sheet is more complicated. The deformation control is more strictly in the process of rolling. Our company provides titanium coil and titanium sheet. We have plenty of titanium sheets in stock. That can be cut in different sizes according to the customer’s needs, greatly shorten the time of delivery. We mainly provide pure titanium sheet of Gr1, Gr2, Gr4 grades; For titanium alloy sheet, We mainly provide Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr11, Gr12, Gr16, Gr23 and other grades.

Product Details

NameTitanium sheet & plate

Thickness: 0.3~60mm

Width: 400~3600mm

Length: 100~5600mm

GradeGr 1, Gr 2, Gr 3, Gr 4, Gr5, Gr 7, Gr 9, Gr11, Gr 12, Gr16, Gr23 etc.
StandardASTM B265, ASTM F67, ASTM F136 etc.



Annealed status in roomtemperature (20°C), Tensile Strength: σb≥345Mpa(50Ksi),

Permanent Elongation stress: σ0.2≥276Mpa(40Ksi), Elongation: δ4D≥20%,

Reduction of Area: Ψ≥30%


Thermal processing condition (R)

Cold-work condition (Y)

Annealed (M)

Chemical Composition

1). Chemical industry;

2). Petrochemical industry;

3). Machining field, Automobile field,etc;

4). Desalination of sea water;

5). Textile printing and dyeing;

6). Mobile phone component field etc.


Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details 1. Wooden case 2. Available upon the client's request.
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