The new insoluble titanium anodes with high electrochemical catalytic performance, life and lead alloy anodes equivalent Overpotential than lead alloy insoluble low positive about 0.5V, significant energy saving; high stability, do not pollute the bath; light weight, easy to replace . The new titanium insoluble anode overpotential for oxygen evolution is also very low ratio of insoluble positive platinum-plated, the price is much lower than platinum. But life expectancy has increased more than doubled. Widely used in various plating or auxiliary anode used as the anode, can replace the conventional lead-based alloy anode, under the same conditions, the cell voltage can be reduced, saving power consumption; insoluble titanium anodes having a good stability during plating (chemical, electrochemical), long life, can not be removed from power when parked plating bath, do not require regular brushing.


1. Preparation of coating deposition uniformity, high current efficiency

2. Long working life

3. corrosion resistance

4. After the loss of activity of the electrode substrate can be reused

Brass mold iridium coated titanium anode plate tantalum, titanium anode mesh

Electrolysis in sulfuric acid solution to extract metals. Oxygen precipitates on the anode, choose the appropriate anode material is very important, the use of iridium coated titanium anode tantalum, low oxidation potential, free from electrolyte corrosion, oxidation of iridium, tantalum electrolytic coating showed excellent durability.

Applied to the electrolytic production of non-ferrous metals, food utensils disinfection, electrolytic silver catalyst production, woolen mill dyeing wastewater treatment, electrolysis manufacture copper, galvanized steel, electrolytic oxidation recycling mercury, battery production, cathodic protection, ionized water production, printed circuit boards and other fields.

Iridium, ruthenium coated titanium anode belong insoluble anode, ruthenium and iridium coating titanium substrate with a solid, and ruthenium titanium coating improves antioxidant capacity and improve its corrosion resistance; stable performance ruthenium iridium coated titanium anodes, price inexpensive. Appearance shape: plate electrodes, tubular electrode, a mesh electrode, the electrode rod, wire electrodes and so on.

The advantage of this product is that:

(1) a dimensionally stable anode, the electrolysis process does not change the distance between the electrodes, the electrolysis operation can be guaranteed in the cell voltage and stable manner.

(2) low voltage, low power consumption, DC consumption can be reduced by 10-20%.

(3) long working life titanium anodes, strong corrosion resistance.

(4) can overcome the problem of dissolution of lead anode and a graphite anode, electrolyte and cathode to avoid contamination of the product.

High (5) the current density, the potential is too small, the catalytic activity of the electrode is high, which can effectively catch a high production efficiency.

(6) The chlor-alkali production, the use of titanium anodes, high product quality, high purity chlorine-free Co2, high alkali concentration, saving heating with steam, saving energy consumption.

(7) to avoid short-circuiting problems lead anode after deformation, improve current efficiency.

(8) shape is easily manufactured, can be high precision.

(9) titanium substrate can be reused.

(10) low overpotential characteristics of bubbles between the electrodes and the electrode surface is easy to exclude, can effectively reduce the cell voltage.

High (11) stability, does not pollute the bath, the bath clean, a substantial increase in product quality.

(12) When you can not stop plating anodes removed from power slot, do not require regular brushing.
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